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Robert Stiles Profiled in Johnson and Wales University's 2016 Magazine

San Francisco, CA - 11 July 2016

Robert Stiles Profiled In Johnson & Wales University's 2016 Magazine

Highlighted in the Johnson & Wales University Spring 2016 Magazine, Robert Stiles is profiled as one of twelve graduates redefining the meaning of achievement.  

Stiles founded hotel and resort development and investment advisory platforms throughout Asia before returning to the States in 2001. In 2013, he and two partners founded RobertDouglas, which structures and arranges capital for investors as well as hotel or resort owners.

“It’s a leap of faith for people to join a startup,” he says. “But employees are more invested financially and emotionally; they want to be part of the success story.” And they are: In three years, RobertDouglas has become a highly profitable, top-tier competitive option. “We look after our employees first, clients second and investors third. If you prioritize delivering profits to investors, you can alienate clients and employees who feel you don’t have their interests first.”

"Stiles, who might be finalizing a multimillion-dollar transaction with Chinese investors at midnight Pacific time, relishes his job: “You can be working on three to five divergent projects simultaneously in different parts of the world. It’s exhilarating!”

Cur­rently based in San Fran­cisco, Rob has been active in the hotel devel­op­ment, finance, and asset sales mar­kets for almost 30 years. 

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