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RobertDouglas's Evan Hurd Interviewed by Hotel Business

New York - 15 February 2019

RobertDouglas’s Evan Hurd Interviewed by Hotel Business

Evan Hurd, Principal and Managing Director at RobertDouglas, was interviewed by Hotel Business at the ALIS Conference, a leading hotel investment conference in Los Angeles, and shared his thoughts on the 2019 hotel equity and finance landscapes as well as some of RobertDouglas’s 2019 plans.

“We will continue to focus on arranging solutions across the capital stack. On the debt side, we expect the refinance market to remain highly liquid…affording owners a tax-efficient alternative to an asset sale should the transactions market slow,” said Evan Hurd.

Currently based in New York, Evan has over 15 years of experience in hotel capital markets and investment and has been involved in numerous hotel transactions, acquisitions, and valuations across North America.

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